About Eva

Exclusive women's care

We, at NM, have always walked the extra mile for you. As one of India’s leading diagnostic centres, we have gone beyond to bring you remarkable services, world-class technology, and newer solutions.

And now, we are stepping up by bringing

India’s first all-women diagnostic centre
that understands a woman deeply

From examination to counselling, Eva Health offers you women specialists and technicians, so that you feel confident revealing your problems for better diagnosis.

This highly qualified ‘all-women’ team brings you expertise in the prevention, early diagnosis and management of various women’s health conditions.

Opening a world of care the moment you step in
Reclaim calmness in a truly comfortable and private space
Relax in our Orchid and Jasmine lounges, sipping on tea or coffee and reading a book
Diagnostic Clothes
Discover hygiene at every step as you are offered a specially-designed robe and comfy footwear throughout the diagnosis procedure