Breast Cancer Counseling

Our Team

The inter-professional team working in the Centre consists of radiologists, pathologists, breast imaging technologists, nurses, and clerical staff headed by Dr Shilpa Lad for imaging & biopsies and Dr Pravin Mahajan for Histopathology.

  • Digital Histopathology
  • Tumour Markers
  • Molecular Imaging
  • Cytology
  • Genetic testing (BRCA mutation testing)

Dr Shilpa Lad MD

Consultant breast imaging and interventions, NM Medical, Mumbai, India
Sub-Specialty Head, Indian Collage of Radiological Imaging (ICRI-IRIA)
Governing Council Member, Breast Imaging Society, India (BISI)
Former Consultant Radiologist & Assistant Professor
The Ottawa Hospital, University of Ottawa, Canada