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Osteoporosis Consultant
Osteoporosis in India – A Study of 30,000+ Indian
A large problem
Osteoporosis Chart
Osteoporosis affects 1 out of 5 adults and osteopenia is observed in 1 out of 2 adults in India
Osteoporosis Hierarchy
1 out of 3 elderly men & 2 out of 5 elderly women and have osteoporosis in India
An increasing problem
German Osteo Care
By 2050, nearly 20% of the Indian population will be over age of 60 years
Hip Bone
By 2050 hip fracture in India will increase to more than one million
A problem with serious consequences
Hip Fracture
In advanced age, 60% of hip fractures and around 35% of all fractures in India are caused by osteoporosis
Skeleton Head
76.6% of dead patients after a hip fracture in India were osteoporotic. Common direct consequences are immobility & severe pain and new fractures
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The causes lead to a temporary or permanent inability to work
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The average cost of hip surgery in India is around 200,000 Rp (varying costs of fracture & hospital)
Our Approach – General Approach
  • Advanced three-fold approach to diagnose, identify causes and provide long term cure to osteoporosis
  • Approach includes: DEXA-Scan, Laboratory Blood Testing and Final Report by long time experienced doctors and scientists in Germany
Patient History Icon
Patient History
identification of patients at high risk of osteoporosis through a detailed assessment
DEXA Whole Body
DEXA Scanning
It indicates the bone mineral density
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Blood Test
blood sample analysis carried out in a state-of-the-art laboratory
NM Eva Health's Approach
  • Follow-up treatment: the patient should undergo a blood test every 6 months and visit the doctor for further consultation
  • It is advised to have DEXA scan every 3 years, followed by doctor’s assessment and treatment.
Our Approach – State of the Art Blood Test
Blood Test Icon
Blood test for detailed and efficient examinations of bone-mass reducing parameters
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Analysis of your results by our long-term experienced partner doctors based in Germany
Customised Plan Icon
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Creation of your customized plan in Germany to prevent osteoporosis & related fractures
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Recommendation and explanation by our local experts. Cooperation with your doctor
  • Osteoporosis doesn’t happen standalone – It is always triggered & catalysed by living habits, genetic & hormonal conditions and other diseases
  • Our blood test analyses WHY you got Osteoporosis and HOW you can fight it properly – A routine investigation in European & American countries